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Palestinian American, born in Florida. She’s an astrophysicist who is still innocent on the rules of love and marriage. She’s a hopeless romantic and sometimes just hopeless. Despite her forward momentum as a scientist, she struggles to understand which rules to adhere to in her personal life, old school or modern...not knowing which is best for her.


A little bubbly, a lot more sharp, Cici is always in the center of the action or creating it herself. She’s an all star gossiper who also wants the best for her not ugly daughter Nisreen who chose to be an astrophysicist for some reason. Siham feels it's her responsibility to ensure Nisreen doesn’t forget about marriage and babies before it's too late and she becomes a Khsara.. Siham was lucky to marry the love of her life Amir, but it wasn’t without complication as all love marriages tend to be.


Sweet Baba who is kind, has his own idiosyncrasies like stapling the newspaper so his wife doesn’t take away certain sections. He’s the protector who has a sensitive ear and a big huge heart and he’s more intuitive than his wife.


She’s been an observer of Nisreen’s shit show and learned how to handle herself differently. She doesn’t tell her family much and keeps pretty quiet at home. She’s cool, she also knows Nisreen isn’t but she gets that her sister is a giant nerd. An aspiring filmmaker, Noor has her own bird's eye view on the family and no one knows much about her, just the way she likes it.


She’s done being fucked with. She’s just trying to do her best work on the ground in Palestine. Divorced the deadbeat tradition she’s still mad at herself for giving in to. She left her love in Europe after grad school b/c she didn’t see a world where they could be together. Since then she’s put the silly idea of love away. She’s at boiling point responding to casual insults with her sharp tongue.


Regal, sharp af with a tongue to fear. She’s elegant and rarely disarming, occasionally she smiles to reveal her beauty. Her charm is used strategically but all she really wants is her doctor son home with the family. Her husband is ailing and she feels the responsibility to secure the family finances and legacy. She’s no fan of the diaspora people who left and never came home.


Handsome, charming, doctor who wants to create his own life but is a coward in the face of his mother who already knows what she wants for him. He does love Nisreen but turns out that doesn’t matter enough when you are thinking about what’s best for your future.


It’s hard to find a box Suhel doesn’t check, he’s kind, he’s Palestinian, he’s caring, interested in Nisreen, smart, he works at NASA for God’s sake. He even see’s Nisreen for the amazing person that she is. Yes his laugh is weird, yes sometimes he wears a bluetooth headset but his kiss is starting to feel more natural everyday. She can learn to love him for sure.

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